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Magento design

E-commerce design standards.

E-commerce companies put a lot of effort and attention to come up with the best design for their website. This is because their website is comparable to the shop window that you pass on the street. What client sees there will have a great impact on whether he decides to open the door and step into the store. This is the same with a website. The main welcome page is like a shop window. You need to convince people that they came to the right place.

This is why so much work is required in Magento web design. Below are listed the key factors that should be considered in ecommerce web design.

Professional product photography

High quality and professional images of products are a must. Good photos are the basics of good ecommerce design. People come to your site to see what kind of products you have in stock. They focus on the pictures so the products need to be presented at its best to encourage the client to browse further to finally purchase it.

E-commerce companies spend a lot of money on professional photography. You can’t really have successful ecommerce business without it.

Simple Magento theme

Simplicity is the key especially in Magento web design. There should be a gentle use of just a few colors. This is because as mentioned above, clients are suppose to focus on the product images. Too rich colors or garish colors will take the whole attention away from what you are trying to sell and the visitors eyes will burn.

This is why the design of the majority of successful ecommerce websites is simple and very elegant, concentrating users attention on the offered stock.

Intuitive navigation

Good navigation is a key. All the products have to be nicely grouped into categories to ensure that the user will understand where to look for a required thing. It’s worth to highlight the breadcrumbs so nobody gets lost.

The catalog page should show as many products in a viewport as possible which gives more chances that the client will see something of an interest.


Usually what people like to see the most are promotions. They like to feel that they can find a good deal on your website. Companies put banners with promotion on the top of the main website to increase the click-through rate (CTR).

This is in your best interest to find space in visible section to highlight information with links to promoted products.

One page checkout

The other important thing in ecommerce world is to have a very quick checkout process. The worst case scenario is when people have to spend too much time on typing the details and go through several pages finalizing the purchase. Usually this ends with frustration, especially if some forms don’t work as they should.

The way to make a great shopping experience for client is to design a one page checkout. It can include e.g. tick box for situation when the billing address is the same as delivery address, so no one needs to complete the same details twice.

Quick website

Nothing can be as annoying as frozen website especially if you are in the process of purchasing a product. Well-optimised website may belong more to the Magento development task than design, but it has enormous impact on user experience. People don’t have much patience, especially if they can go on another competitor's website that runs smoothly.

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