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When you run any business your website is very important channel to attract clients. This is even more true if you run ecommerce company. In this case your site is the main and very often only way have a contact with client. This is why it’s so important to have a support team who can solve any important website issues in a timely manner.

There is a lot of bad things that can happen on websites and prevention is always the best option, because broken websites mean broken businesses. By prevention we mean technical audit report. Our company prepare such reports for ecommerce business. We look at the quality of the code and identify issues that cause the low-performance of the website. This is not only from the backend perspective, but also frontend.

Looking at the detailed report we provide, you can see the issues that are prioritised to fix. That way we will help you decide what are the crucial steps to heal your website and we will repair it.

Below are the areas we look at while doing the technical audit report.


Many websites are vulnerable to hacker attacks because they are not properly secured. Security is very important in ecommerce, where you have a lot of sensitive data processed, like client data, payment details etc. It can happen that the client personal data is stolen. This is a serious situation that needs to be rectified.

Hackers find new ways to infect websites with viruses that send spammy data or steal important information. The first step is to scan the website for viruses and delete suspicious files. Installing programs protecting against viruses is the key to safety.


Problem especially with ecommerce websites is that they are quite complex, dynamic and process a lot of data. Because of that, many of them are loading slowly. This has a bad impact on user experience and sales results.

It can be fixed by reviewing the files and identifying the chunks of code or extensions that slow down the performance. Very often the code behind a website is badly written and has to be modified. There are also extensions that should be installed in ecommerce to improve performance like Varnish.


Errors on websites can drive visitors mad and make them leave it with frustration and bad experience. This can be worst on ecommerce website, when you are in the middle of purchasing something and some errors happen. Usually people won’t ever come back to the places they had bad experience with.

Technical audit report lists all the bugs. The first step is to analyse each issue, find a code responsible for a bug and modify it.

Magento support

Gravity Software also offers Magento support. After optimising the website, it’s important to regularly monitor it for any issues. There can always appear some new bugs, new pieces of code or plugins that cause some problems. We have support plans tailored to the needs of your business. Contact us today and tell us about your needs and we will prepare a support plan for you.

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