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Magento - work process.

Steps that we usually take through the project.

1. Listening to requirements

Cost and time estimation

First we need to understand the scope of the project. Based on this we will have an idea how much time and how many developers are needed to complete it. We will calculate the cost range for each task. Alternatively, you can tell us what’s your budget and we can tell you how much work we can do to fit within it.

Project set-up

Once all the estimations are approved by you, we can meet to discuss and sign the Terms and Conditions agreement and go through the project details. We will set-up the task and invoice schedules which are going to be managed within our project management system to ensure the easy task tracking and most efficient time management. Project will be split into sub projects, each having the unique number for easier identification.

2. Design

Internal reviews

If the design is a part of your project, we will prepare a variety of Magento website themes based on your individual brief. The designs are tailored to your needs and branding specifications. We internally discuss all ideas and sketched wireframes and choose the best ones to show you.

Design presentation

In this stage you can see all the design concepts and we would like you to let us know the exact feedback. Still if we feel that the direction you are heading is not right we will honestly let you know. We will work together to make the right choice.


We will provide you with 2 rounds of design amendments which will fit into our cost. If you will ask for just small additional changes, it won’t cost you anything, but if there will be some major changes, we will need to discuss the additional costs involved. All additional costs will be discussed with you before any further work is performed.

Final approval for design stage

If you are happy with the design, we will ask you for a written sign off of this project phase. This is to make sure that you agree with what has been already provided and there are no confusions regarding the result.

3. Magento development

Implementing designs

After the Magento theme design concept has been agreed, we can start to implement the CSS code into the website. We will polish it until it looks perfect just as on wireframes provided in the previous stage.

Adding website functionalities

We will work here as specified in the schedule task by task. Will develop thoroughly each functionality so it works well on your Magento website just as described in documents.


Each Magento website needs to be optimised especially if there is a lot of clients visiting the website searching for products at the same time. We will need to ensure that the ecommerce website doesn’t fail, freeze as it may be equal to the client and financial loss.


Once the whole website is designed and developed, it’s important to make quality assurance testing to check if everything looks and works as described in the project brief and if all work have been delivered inline to the WP3 standard. All the code is checked for compatibility issues between all the most popular browsers .


Once all is tested and you are happy with the result we will need a written sign off of the whole project from you. Now we will be able to launch your website and put it on the life server.

4. Client feedback

When all the work is done and the website is online, we would like to review it and have a clear feedback from you. We always aim to improve our work to make everyone happy. You can tell us what we could do better in the future, so the next time we work together we can improve and you can get the best service.

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